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ProductHunt Unleashed is the master yoda to your ProductHunt Luke Skywalker - an absolute essential!

For a complete newbie like myself, it was my trusty compass, guiding me through the vast and often intimidating ocean of ProductHunt. Its "no prior expirience necessary" approach empowers even the most rookie of us to navigate the ProductHunt landscape with ease and confidence.

The true magic lies in its step-by-step guide, insider tips and tricks, real-world examples, and interactive elements, it's like building IKEA furniture but with a comprehensive manual in hand - clear, concise, and super actionable.

So whether you're an entrepreneur, a developer, or a newbie, ProductHunt Unleashed is your trusted mentor for ProductHunt success. It's not just abou launching a product, it's about launching your dreams on a platform that will do them justice.

After all, why launch if you can't launch like a pro?

Marlene Konu



Finaly I know how ProductHunt Works!

Thanks to Felix and Nixi who created a very comprehensive guide, I am now super well prepared for my next ProductHunt launch!

I highly recommend this guide to everyone,

who - like me - thought of PH as some kind of black box.

With this guide your next launch will be a child's play!

Anica Kurzbach

Notion Creator


Shout out to @NixisWorld & @Felix_DigiStash!

For the amazing guide with ProductHunt,

that helps me with this!


Notion Creator


The PH guide is really great!

You will understand everything you need to know before launching a product on ProductHunt.

Its also really clear and well-written.

One of the best guide i read so far!


Notion & Etsy


The ProductHunt Unleashed Guide is the most comprehensive guide on PH out there.

Even after launching 4 times, I learnt so much by reading this guide. Now I know I'll make the best out of my next launch.

Great work done by Felix and Nixi here as always!


Notion Creator

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